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 Dear Viewers


     It has recently come to my attention that a certain group of web sites exist where certain individuals

named Kevin Kinchen, like myself have been promoting spiritual advice, observations, philosophies,

perspectives and all other sorts of concepts here yet not used. Of course the poetry site is still available

as it always will be by clicking here "Poetry". The UO Game server is still up and you can still get

information or connect to it by clicking here, "UO". What this is all about though has nothing to do

with those things. What this is all about is philosophy and answering the call of my many readers to

finally project some hard core conceptual aspects into the minds of the young, sick, gullible or needy

so that they may go forth and pollute the world with many more ideas that of course were truly and

originally never their own, but they might have had an idea "just like that". Well without further ado here

are my notes and "The Observations Of Man" .


Oh and for curiosities sake, don't click this link;  Beef, It's What's for Dinner.