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Instructions on how to play for free.

And yes I know some of you won't want to, but the offer is open to everyone and yes you can invite your friends.

Things to know, you can have up to five accounts running simultaneously from one IP, which means if you have a home network and your spouse wants to play on another pc, they can. You can have up to five characters on any one account. Server saves every two hours and restarts every morning at 5-30ish if the connection is not working email  for support or come to this page and look at the top because the IP might have changed and this is where I will post the new one. See you all online.

  Please insure the following files are installed prior to retrying your connection.

.NET 1.1 Redistributable

.NET 1.1 service pack 1

.NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 Redistributable

be advised that you may have to re-install in some instances to receive functionality from an associated service pack.

In order to play download:
Mondain's legacy (install only) Via BIT TORRENT

Razor (to be used)

Instructions how to play. Start razor only. don't worry about anything else, the first file above is just installed but never run it directly because it will try and patch for 10 hours which you dont want to happen because it wont match our server. Best thing you can do is go into your start menu and remove the entire directory of links to mondains legacy or uo so that you never click them. delete the desktop icon too. the only icon you want is the "Razor" icon.

Enter into the 'Server' [which is the current ip adddress of the server]

And the 'Port' [which will never change]

Then click ok

  Watch the cinematic
  Enter your new username and then your new password, |>

  [fyi, it creates your combination on first logon by logging in]

  click next, |>
choose the hina server (only one) |>
click next, and then start the process.|>

Castaway Red