Whobert Wise

One day in July

Like most other July's

There ran about a boy

Young Whobert the wise


Whobert was wise

And this much is true

But he always rushed

All things you do


So one day in a run

He ran over a cat

Stepped on its tale

Hit it with a bat


But this feline was strange

And not like the rest

It landed in range

Thinking, "This boy is a pest"


So that cat floated back

And said this with will

I am a witches familiar

My real name is gill.


Listen young boy

I mean this for real

I won't get mad

I'll make you a deal


Well young Whobert was wise

Or at least he thought

So he took to the bargain

and the deal he got


I propose a race

may the best man win

The loser trades places

and "forms" my friend


So young Whobert laughed

He rushed past the cat

The cat just grinned

Not moving, just sat


Then the victory was done

Young Whobert was first

And the deal had been made

So here comes the curse


This story ends

With young Whobert in rage

You have to listen carefully

To what people say


It's not always smart

To assume that you know

Take the time to listen

If you don't... "Who"-bert, only knows.