When The Last Tear Fell


Like old ashes long kept in jars of green pain the world explodes.

The time for answers has long past.

The dice are thrown and fate is cast.

Who,,,,, Why,,,,,,

The last tear forms in the last eye.


Armageddon never comes but lasts forever and finally ends today.

Did we take care of our regrets?

Did we forget them all for childish bets?


The last tear begins to travel the cheek.


At last we have accomplished nothing and succeeded the everything.

The very last flower wilts in the very last hand.

Isn't life just so grand?

When,,,,, Where,,,,,,,


It's tomorrow, it's this planet.

But it wasn't our fault,,,,, was it? Pollution.

The last tear falls to the ground.

So you can look through the glass

But.. don't... close.... your..... !!!