Too Much Spice

Baby Spice Was Kind Of Cute

Photograph Queen In Every shoot

But In The End She Lost The Loot

Witch Should Have Used More Eye Of Group.


Posh was something more to see

Then she got old like you and me

Looks are Great and nice to see

But without Talent What Can't you be?


Sporty Child Was the cream of the crop

She'd work out until Arnold stopped

But We Don't Blame Her Because She Flopped

It Was The One That They All Dropped


Scary, Wow Now That’s A Story

Now really weird and certainly not gory

She Tried And Tried to Capture Glory

When It Came Down, She Sounded Poorly


The Other Chick, That Little Bird

Left The Soup, Or So We’ve Heard

But What’s The Deal, There’s Just a Blur

How Come No Words?


What? Still Too Much Ginger?