The Cleanliness Story

Listen now to the story I tell

Of Tommy Toss, and his toys off shelves.


Late one night as he lie in his bed

his room began, to shadow in dread

He called for his nanny, she was at rest

But soon she came running to answer her best


"Why have you called me"?, said she to he.

"I thought I saw something; coming for me".

"Not a tear dear for nanny is here,

I shall protect you now and vanish your fears.


"So what could it be that has scared you so much?"

"Why the bed moved and the closet missed lunch"

"The closet missed lunch? Is that what you say?"

"Who taught you this mess, what games did they play?"


"Oh now I See, They've told you the worst,

not of the cure or the warning at first."


"Within every room lies a monster in thirst,

they live in the darkness to do their worst.

They don't eat people, no, that won't do,

they only eat messes and leave them there to."


"Yet sometimes a child will occasionally vanish,

but only as it lay in the messes it managed,

but don't fear, don't cry, you can stop them its true.

Chase them away with a towel and a broom."


"The answer is simple, and easily found,

Shadows all over from toys all around.

Scare them away, itís easy I say,

pick up your toys, and put them away."