Things Done Yesterday


When don't you get what you always have

How come it's an item you can always afford

what wasn't that is a class everyday

that made you want to stay and laugh


but you have to pick your own destiny


Why do situations always make you forget

songs you heard just today

Or make memories you've just barely seen

disappear like clouds in a mirror image


and you should live for the future


When are our lives truly anyone else’s

that we can't decide just what doesn't happen

when don't we have control over what to keep

or lose contemplation of just what is wrong


You should close your eyes


Where do we find separate sides of the street

on my side or your side of a shared fairy tale

and where do the similarities finish complete and whole

or all things are revealed when you look under the veil


and you should say it with your heart


How does it happen that we repeat our accomplishments

that we tell things completely or truthfully

not only helping others but ourselves with choices that we make

why can't we live this way until that final day we die


And you shouldn't think your life is started now,

The rules have just changed.