The Silent Killer


Cold Lies The Dark Water of Death

Fear I Take My Final Breath

Turn Up To See the Bluest Sky

There I Find My Reflective Eyes.


Premonition Is A Deadly Thing

Too Pull A Web And Hold A String

When You Know What Future Brings

Will Still the Song Of Joy You Sing?


So Hold My Rifle As The Mighty Marine

She Is My Friend, Salvation, Dream

And I Will Kill You As Fast As Seen

If One Man Dares To Break My Team.


Look To The Left And Look to The Right

These Are My Men Whom Which With I Fight

I Hold There Confidence And I Hold It Tight

And When They Are Caught they Hide My Sight.


And While You Sleep In My Self Made Kingdom

Do Not Mock My Ways The Way you see them

You Don't Know My Pain And You Don't Know My Reason.

But You Shall Know My Gift Of American Freedom.



(Dedicated To All My Fellow Marines At Home And Abroad)

I'm With You, Give Em Hell!!!