Still Looking

Where in the sky am I walking
Where in the sea do I wait.
Where in the mountains you’re calling.
Where in the world am I late.

An image I have never seen dancing.
A voice I have never heard sing.
A girl I have never met waiting.
A meeting place yet to be seen.

Why is the moment my answer.
Why is the past my friend.
Why is my path so lighted.
Why is it never to end.

A time I wouldn't have looked.
A time I couldn't have cared for.
A time that is just beyond reach.
A time for everything more.

How was it before I was living.
How was it before I could know.
How did we know each other.
How come you never have shown.

It's fast approaching.
It's a destiny both of us have.
It's the end and beginning of nothing.
It's a comedy, A sadness, A Laugh.

Where are you.?