Sarah Simms And Healing

Sarah Simms on One Superb Sunday

Went Outside to have A Fun day

But Alas the fun was not to be

Sarah Simms Had scraped her knee


She went inside in mortal fear

help me help me pain and tears

but Sarah Simms was all alone

sis went skipping, took the phone


So Sarah Simms, a strong willed lass

nerves of steel, Stain from Grass

Wouldn't stand another yelp

for herself she would help


She went upstairs to the big bath mirror

rumor held, oh no, it was never clear

Opened wide and grabbed the can

Mr. Johnsons was her man


But then she thought, it must be clean

she started the bath and watched the steam

well thatís enough she said without rub

clean by steam she emptied the tub.


It is damp and will not hold

this a thought herself she told

So she went downstairs to the picture tube

looked on top, well super, it was glue


she applied a mass and opened the aid

applied it too, victory laid

Very Happy Sarah clapped

then, Sarah took a nap.


six days later mom chased at Sarah, come right off alligator

But the aid refused, the wee instigator

no its mine, weeping in pain,off won't due.

And Sarah Explained What We All Knew.


"I Am Stuck on Band-Aid, Because Band-Aid stuck with glue."