I haven't ever given in.

On losing wars I don't begin.

It eats away the more I fight.

That doesn't make the wars all right.


I ask my friend for peace at last.

We all are fools where dreams are cast.

You can love a queen once, forever more.

But we don't have to have this stupid war.


Do you even know my middle name?

I don't know yours friend just the same.

Yet you insist that we go on with the battle.

Let us fight together, and not be cattle.


You have a message for the world to see.

My message is good it can set us free.

Lets be civilized, and end this mess.

Be my friend, and not some pieces in chess.


I'm not perfect, and not so grand.

I bleed blood red like any other man.

I hate liver, and get irritated at times.

I am cursed with rhythm and infinite rhyme.


I didn't ask to be where I'm at.

And you don't really want to sit where I've sat.

Either do I long to be in your shoes.

These are the things that make up our views.


Experience the motions of our run away lives.

Our serious Intentions or political crimes.

I'm tired of all of this, and all of the games.

Lets be friends, so what do you say?