Sammy Soda


100 percent caffeine free

But mommy says no Sammy, see

You'll be hyper, you'll be to wild

I need you calm, I need you mild.


Sammy grumbles and walks on by,

He doesn't shout anymore, he doesn't cry

He leaves the bottle, where it rests.

He knows that mommy, Knows what’s best.


100 Percent sugarless drink

Mommy says no Sammy, cancer I think

You'll get sick, You'll go away

You wont be home, You won't get to play


Sammy mumbles and continues to walk

My how mommy loves to talk

He passes the soda, without another look

Mommy tells Sammy, "I'll buy you a book".


Jolt X2, The sugared caffeine dream.

Daddy's out shopping, not thinking it seems.

Sure little Sammy, Soda, Here you go

After all Sammy thinks, What does mommy know.


Three days later,,,, Finally,,,,, Asleep.