A World We Live In Is A World We Make,

A World We Own And Ourselves Create,

The Children See The Good And Bad We Take,

They Learn, They Don't, They See And Hear And Break.




The Lives We Choose Are The Lives We Lead,

The Different Extremities that Common Goals Seed,

Paint A Picture Of The Human Sea,

A Stroke, A Word, Some Blood And Tears And Me.




Some Lives Are Bad, Some Lives Are Worse,

A Never-ending Glory Of A Homemade Curse,

Beat, Pulse, Cheat To Be Last First,

Cracked Heads, Early Beds, Some Poor, Some Poorer, And Thirst.




Some Death Is Life, Some life Is Death,

A Lower Case T In A Golden Wreath,

Start Changing the World Without Crystal Meth,

Shadowed Disbelief, Disbelieved Shadows, Some Light And Dark And Breath.




The Lives We Chose Are Not A Place We’ve Stopped,

A Childs Life, Has Dreams We’ve Dropped,

Where Have We Been Since Adulthood Cropped,

Impossible Possible, Probable Possible, thoughts Go On And On And Popped.