The Poet's War.


When no-one lives anymore

It seems hopeless to wish for peace

But then it's clear I should.

Walk away and anyway

I find careless eyes to look for.

I make my heart of wood


When some-one finds empathy

I think fearless joy is my curse

And march on not with care.

I listen for sympathy

Or just maybe time to be free

To bake my heart of Air


Then myself I'm Heartbroken

I find madness is my true friend

Then live life just too fast

I escape my destiny

I find tremors in small off quakes.

And hold my heart of glass.


For any word forgotten

I have repaid a debt from past

Truth in finding Iíve grown

A weary made enemy.

I will battle the flood to come

And hide my heart in stone.


So until eyes remember.

The life destroyed from a war then.

Fight for making them feel.

A poets war forever.

A man alone who makes them see.

You can't touch hearts of steel.


May they never be.