I Pledge Allegiance


I Pledge Allegiance

Which Means I Will Give My All

I Will Follow My Countries Principles

So It's Beliefs Will Never Fall


To The Flag

The Symbol Of War

The Symbol Of Peace

Freedom Forever More


Of The United States Of America

From Sea To Shining Sea

The Valleys To The Mountains

Is Responsible To Me


And To The Republic

A Government That I Make

I Must Be The Voter

The Choices that I Take


For Which It Stands

These Goals I Must Protect

So That Our Guests From Foreign Shores

Can Easily Detect


One Nation, Under God, Indivisible

We Are Together As We Are

We Are Born As Natives

Not As Aliens Afar


With Liberty And Justice For All.

The Most Important Thing

So If This Dream You Challenge

Then Bring It On To Me.


I'm Kevin,,,, A Patriot