Of Baby Killers And Murderers

(Another attack on abuse)


How hateful are the words used to hate with.

At last the truth be known.

A baby killer walks among us.

My how much we've grown.

A deceitful murdering friend has come to visit.

Will you serve cake before the deed?

If this is evil in it's truest form.

I can see how minds can bleed.

Did the culprit shoot the crowd

with not a word to say.

Or did allot of words make shots

causing them to lose their way.

In the end importance lies

that each of them were caught.

with the fact you choose your own tomorrow

and the life that you and I have got.



The painful words poor from the sky.



They are so easy to say.



Because they are wrong.


Just Don't.


Do.... Think Before You Speak