Muse Wanted

Please apply in second self
Have a third and fourth on the second shelf.
You must be sweet, generous and kind.
A little flighty, and change your mind.
You cannot want the job but crave it real bad.
And of course you will have it and love it real sad.
You must be beautiful, charming and witty.
When breaking hearts you must have no pity.
Preferably somebody exactly like you.
but if unavailable you will do.
Someone who is special and can inspire me to die.
Or just make me feel it and write when I cry.
A previous employee just will not do.
change your personality like you change your shoes.
I will accept if you have worked for me before.
Just change everything and be so much more.
I expect full madness by the end of the week.
take my art to the highest peak.
and throw it over, and over, and over, and over.

Please apply within,
as soon as possible I would like to begin.
and one last thing if you didn't just see.
I don't want just anyone, you,
you, !

Can do this for me