Love Story

Words for fools are given free
Across many mountains over seas
A warming touch can near be felt
What would come from having and never dealt
The longing presence of softened kiss
Never found cannot be missed
Being alone.

And here I am, and there you are
Across the world so very far
On mirror glass as cold as time
A reflection lost in silent rhyme
The river once for the lady lost
Who made a heart and paid the cost
Are you dreaming?

Then sleep with me in nightly gains
Together here we'll share our pains
And when we're rich of all we lose
Well make a bridge of ice we'll choose
I'll travel to the place you stay
But you'll come here that very day
As intentions melt

Very old but still feeling down
Well laugh about what was nearly found
On summer days the clouds will pass
Then summer dreams won't tend to last
You'll awake still there alone
I'll awake a kiss not known
And there we die together.