Little Chia

Once Upon A Time

As all good story's go.

There was a little boy.

Named little Chia Grow.


Now little Chia lamb.

Was little Chia's friend

But little Chia lion.

Gave our little Lambchop's send.


Then little Chia's goals.

Spread to wider dreams.

So little Chia chiad.

All the window seams.


Little Chia chiad all the bowls and spoons.

He cha cha cha chiad, in every single room.

He chiad on the floor, and he chiad on the walls

He chiad in the kitchen, He chiad down the halls.


He chiad on the tables, he chiad on the beds.

He chiad on his parents, he chiad on there heads.

He chiad in the house, until he couldn't anymore

Little Chia was out of Chia. And He Chiad all the doors.


So let this be a lesson, to all our Chia friends.

Watch your little Chia. Before Chia is your end.