Amass a wild storm of crying rain

The prince has died with little pain

The love of a family lost

Never given, merely tossed

The Smile I've lost

The brother I've lost


A Silent Joker Has Died In A Box

Never To Pop With the Gears Or Locks

So Who Touches The Heart With Pain

Who Gives The Joy Of Laying Blame

Our Mad Cows Disease

Our Mad Peoples Disease


So Enjoy The Evil In Saddened Laughs,

You Can Plot Our Thoughts With The Charts And Graphs

In Love Our Hearts Are Innocent Things

Tainted Deep With Realistic Dreams

But There Are Last Tears

But There Are Last Fears


Painful Memories That Never Last

My Criminal Saint From The Recent Past

He's My Comrade, He's My Dearest Friend

My Misunderstood Angel That Knows Know Ends.

But Now He's Dead

But My Brothers Dead.


And It Makes Me sad.


Joshua James Kinchen