In The Chat Room


[12845] 7/10/99 - 4:12:45, Crusader (**.**.***.***) writes:

Odd the cold chill of the room

A room of cheer that is now in gloom

Where the people sat have now retired

the heat they held and then perspired



[12846] 7/10/99 - 4:14:57, Crusader (**.**.***.***) writes:

Why did they leave the happy site

Was it the early morning or the ending night

What has caused this sudden miss

A quiet room now once was bliss



[12847] 7/10/99 - 4:16:53, Crusader (**.**.***.***) writes:

A cheated Game has met it's end

I am left without a friend

The cup is empty of all it's mass

the moment moved and now has passed



[12848] 7/10/99 - 4:19:40, Crusader (**.**.***.***) writes:

But They Will return I'll just Sit And Wait

This Again Will Prosper and Will Again Be Great

So I'll lurk about and spy for fun

There is tomorrow, until it comes



[12849] 7/10/99 - 4:20:43, Crusader (**.**.***.***) writes:

All Eyes On You


[12850] 7/10/99 - 4:21:00, Crusader (**.**.***.***) writes: