Found At Last


One day you wake up and you are smiling.

You have those dreams you have only dreamt about.

Good dreams, happy dreams, in love.


You know that you have that extraordinary somebody that will be there.

She is everything to your world and she is more.

You wonder, you live, you are sure someone cares.


To dream the impossible dream, to go where angels not follow

Stand against the world and push it back for a smile

She walks, She talks, and she is everything.


She believes in you and you care.

You are full of life, and you live.

Wondering, dreaming, passing time.


Walking the same path every night looking for her.

Only the stars know where you stand.

Missing, caring, floating away.


At last you have found your family.

Emptiness is destroyed and you are full.

Completed, wonderful, She makes it worth it.