Delicate Sadness

Why in the brink of such joy am I so sad?
Shouldn't I be happy, shouldn't I be glad?
Should I be thankful for another chance I have?
Or is it just that I feel so broken, It's not so bad.

I wonder when everything became as complicated as it has pretended.
I remember worlds of days in which the noble heart defended.
Has the peace I have built been toppled and now ended.
Have I lost the work of hope in so many ways I mended.

I know what you would say if I asked you what is wrong.
Sometimes you feel you do but others you know you don't belong.
Pick up your spirits and be the guiding light, it's you who must be strong.
For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for me, I hear it's gong.

I have so many secrets and not a confident to share.
Is it my lot in life to wander from people who would not care.
To sadly be a hero demon where mental crimes do tear.
Only knowing of the goods you do when others aren't aware?

Please end this game it's sadness is taking me down.
I laugh in the mirror at the reflective evil clown.
If this is my lot in life to despair and wear the jesters crown.
Then let me fall, and touch the sky then send me to the ground.

But if I did, it would be anotherís burden.
I will wear it then, Delicate, and sadly