I believe in you.
When peter gave up hope.
I couldn't stand the thought.
I burned the end of rope.
And clapped.
I sang a butterfly dance.
I walked around the square.
I shaved the hairless man.
And laughed about the hair.
And clapped
Then I walked the deck alone.
I buried all the crew.
Never, never land was over.
But hook was never through.
I clapped.
And If only a fairy came.
It would have been the same.
And peter would have fought.
And you would have been our game..
So I clapped.
For hope, For dreams, for you.
I clapped.
Come back my fairy, my secret wish.
I am only part of the dream.
You can bring it back.
Laughter here is lost and can't be seen
I'm clapping.

And here hook was laid to rest.
A ghost ship.