Holding a heart and having it too,

A wish for me and a wish for you.

Friends or anything this will always be true.

There are consequences left for all that we do.

Tomorrow is the next day of the rest of the now.

Nothing ever changes; it's a lesson in Tao.

Try comforting the masses, Sacrificing, Owe.

Arenít we the cats meow?


The people I meet are all people of glass.

People from the future or ghost from my past.

They motion existence not seeing the mass.

But they ignore this problem and move on so fast.


Who will be ok when the wars are all done?

Will all good survive, or will evil be some.

There is nowhere to hide; there is nowhere to run.

So life must be bad, or death must be fun.


My heart is a puzzle with a bill to pay.

But I can't find the cost to know what to say.

So one thing remains from my story today.

We have to be nice to our toys,

Or, somebody will take them away.