Billy Paul

This is the story of Billy Paul

And that one church day he gave his all


One day in may sit Billy Paul

A waiting slave to his mothers call

So then it came, so off the wall

Pretty deep, but he didn't fall


Through the glade he ran amuck

Through the barn the chickens cluck

Under the fence he kicks a duck

And around the well just once for luck


Up the chimney into his room

Into the washroom for a very quick groom

Around the hallway riding a broom

As far from the closet, away from its gloom


Out the next window, down a tree

Through the yard with shouts of glee

Into the pig pen, where he shouldn't be

And around in the mud when we didn't see


Into the field, around in the grass

Past the river that looks like glass

Back to the wall where his mother glanced

His mother shouts, "Billy when I call you, you come here fast"!!!


But mommy, I came here as fast as I could.