Early one morning while I am walking

The wind trances me to a careless freedom

Like a soft whisper taking me home

And so along my path, I rest asleep,

But somehow I am awake.

I Dream...


I dream of sitting in a golden chair

Very low in the earth

So far in the ground

Tears fall, people fall, and I look up and know my existence

I rise.


Sadly I find I am not alone.

All around me is a desert

It looks as though the gods have torn the light from the sky

And I ponder as I wander through this dark cold place,

Will I ever set free the boundaries of another person place?

And then there is you.

And I cry for I know why you have come.

We are silent...


We ignore the things of past

As we step through this desert like giants

We talk of my chair of fire, and yours of air

And I say this is eternity,

And you say this is temporary

Oh, well.

But then...


I am loving you

On the near side of the water

And then the wind stopped

And then it began

Finally I can make you truly see

These things that are, are always the same

You cry


I watch minutes go by in years as I fly

I see things as they are in a dream

It looks so calm, yet it all has chaos

And I see they have not traveled

From where they survive

I'm glad...


I wish that they remained thoughtless

I really hope for them

But they are learning

To learn the reality that is forever

But you are on this side of the water

And the only question I can ask is please forget?

But then it begins.