Another Stranger

On a regular day, there was a man

Who looked like he belonged.

People greeted him and gave a friendly hand

They did this all day long


He stared at all the friendly eyes

The children everywhere

The shopping centers and Public Parks

With children gathered near


The malls were packed with shoppers

Who were going despite rain and snow

Some with smiles and some laughing

Why they didn't know


Yes they rested here too

Or they hurried on their way

But today there was no fighting

The people spry and gay


The music from some carolers

Was projected loud and clear

Of Silent Nights and Three Wise Men

And a funny-nosed reindeer


He heard the people talk about

The good times on the way

Of parties, fun and food galore

And gifts exchanged that day


"I like these things that are going on,"

The man was heard to say

"There seems to be joy to the world ,

And celebration on the way.


This time of year always makes me smile

With children full of dreams

When parents fill there hearts with joy

And teach them of baby me.


And would you tell me who this is

All dressed in red and white?

I would really like to thank him

For helping spread my light?"


The answer came in disbelief

"I can't believe my ears!

Why thatís old Joe from the local bar

Today he's laying off the beer.


That man Joe pretends to be in red and white

Is Saint Nicolas, oh so sly

The children love his memory

And he still holds that twinkle in his eye


Children sit up on his lap

Some older ones laugh and younger tend to cry

But he treats them all real special

And gives a merry reply


The children learn of our friend Nick

While they are still extremely young

The times that he was in this world

He has always brought them fun


The stranger held his head up in joy

Despite a nail-pierced hand

A reminder of a price well paid

For the deeds of the mortal man


A woman approached and pulled his coat

Then realized and gasped

She thanked him now for helping her live

Throughout her shaky past.


He thanks the woman for her kind remarks,

And lets her to the day,

she thanks him for The celebration

and the ability to have in it any favorite way


A rainbow crossed his the moonlit sky

His voice was loud, and clear

"After all these years, they know their gift"

He gave this day to you, Enjoy it with great cheer.