Alone In The Silence


We live our lives knowing,
It isn't the big bang or almighty God,
who stole our death and life,
The wanted sadness or the pretended Happiness,
We have always stopped wondering, knowing
The great mystery of all, morality?

Morality is the paper and eraser in this poem,
it is the cloud to our vision,
the dust that we breathe,
what turns men into madmen,
The reason why we fall out and forget our love.

Whoever tries to fool the world is only fooling the world,
Even if God were to stop the humanity dead,
You would only be the fool,
For thought is the God of all god's,
And only your God is the ruins of self.

Individuality is not on our side’s enemies;
when we are fighting for the fruits of life. morality is too true, not true
when life is happy and bright something is wrong.
Enemies let us die the deaths we live,
For shall we live death to the noblest,
words will echo in our souls long after we are gone.

Be true to thine self, and to thy self, you shall be true,

for all other men who shall know you, good or bad a noble

and just man, and always forever infinitely a legend.