Your Cynic My Dreamer

Only you believe the rain didn't stop
for logically the wind can be blocked
with passion of believers
Even rainy days are sunny
Bending to your views
Stop the rain and fight
don't give up
things only you can change
all your tears
you're so detached from
but they make words magic
You know they are meaningless
in the final curtain
Emotional and Static
things plain, things solid
in the world after
it will know "our" phoneme
you think you cant bind mighty net
Conquer the civil things and give them speech
that every sound make the ripple wider,
like Joy,
you couldn't stop wailing to see the others
of the clouds passing in the sky,
and so you've stopped
with your loss of definitions
to make it free
you believe if it is loud
it will be obvious,
but really it has remained for you
within all your dreams
and it always understood.

You just forgot...... Or settled.