When The Year Is Up

When the toothpaste is gone, we squeeze a little.
When the milk is gone we toss the jug.
When the mirrors fogged we wipe it off.
When time has passed we only shrug.
Why didn't I do that, "thing".

If the tires flat we pump it up.
If the window breaks we brush the glass.
If the pictures fade we frame them high.
If this is now then that was past.
Who was that person who did "that".

As the day is over we burn our lights.
As the night is over we dread the day.
As the weak is over we regret the month.
As there is fun there are bills to pay.
When did they get so "behind"

But every moment will have another.
But every other will be the same.
But wouldn't it be nice to think.
But wait a moment, it starts to rain.
Where am I "Now"

And then you find you haven't found.
And then you see you haven't seen.
And then you do what you haven't done.
And then you wake in another dream.
What is "it".

Therefore we should forget it.
Therefore we should remember it always.
Therefore we should live.
Therefore we should run it sideways.
Why is it still the "Same"

The year is over.