Valedictorian Speech For Those Who Have Accomplished A 2004

In one more hour the time is up
Like Grade school,
Like High school,
Like College,
Like the very same time, the very next time, last year.
Everything is going to change.
We move forward,
Or some of us stop moving,
Yet change will continue in floods,
Each year to the next,
We are older, and although the rules change.
They do not.
We change,
We change the way we look and the way we look at.
We change who we are, and we believe it as change,
But in reality we simply changed our minds.
We are accepting of what is most convenient to maintain a piece of mind.
We hold a mirror image of false yesterdays in our hearts to feel good about what we want to think we've become.
Have we become anything?
Not Yet.
But we will.
What will you become?
Some of us are just living.
A few have forgotten to turn off the TV and look out the window.
The air is where you find realities images.
Go out and suck air.
Look at the sky,
Look at the street,
Look at the poles,
Look at your life,
And then look at your life,
And don’t forget while you’re out there,
Your life was meant to be lived by you,
Life lived in your style, and “not” in a media production.
How you think and what you know.
Not what they tell you; you know.
This year make a resolution.
Forget everything you've read, seen and listened to,
Believe you have a new beginning and start.
This is the first time for everything.
Do it,
With an open heart, and a clean open mind,

Welcome A 2005.

Then read this speech…..