Suddenly when life is flooded out,
and escape is around the corner,
We run to find experiences,
To make us so much wiser,
but are beaten by the stones,
That time and history cherish,
To destroy the hoping dreamers,
Block the mighty conquests,
And remove the meaningful glories,
of biological memories.
We set out expecting daises hoping for roses,
finding tulips and bitter bug bites,
while the world turns,
desperations makes our chances weaken,
And sadness delivers us to weariness,
And the least or the best,
of the rest we can do with anything left,
Are accepted under tired and regretful thoughts,
while the tunnel light winks out softly in the night,
voyages die for eager release from constant waiting,
but take a glimpse once more,
down the railway of life,
the sign reads replacements in the bin,
the light can be changed,
relax and calm down,
take some breaths,
then don't forget to find,
the newest brighter bulb,
labeled hope in infinite watts,
Once rested,
Pick up your bags,
Get on the road,
and unsettle for the past,
because the past is over,
today you must live with yourself,
or find a way to begin to,
tomorrow is everything,
The pictures are painted,
And its all about "your" frame.