Who does anyone need when they come undone.

I am still undone. Incomplete.

Jeppetto where are my dreams and the cookie man promised me real hands.

Did anyone stop to look at the poor man in the street and wonder how he got so sad.

Who do you love.


My Immaculate dream, Was to see the light.

I see the darkness, It's all right.

Memento from my blue skies, and the sky was blackened by my fears.

Did a no-one tell you to stop and think for a long strange change about the crime of time.

Who do you need.


Flaming De-ja-vu, was created for you.

I found my failure, Now to you.

Dimento, like an old tune, and in the box damaged by the years.

Some once-a-one told me that I thought we were in a game time, somehow now I know we were.

When you come,......