True Love

There are those who love.
The world is bright.
The sky is blue.
The water clear.
The moment full.
The essence of joy in every blink of an eye.
But they love and only love.
And love everything.
And love is empty,
Easily driven and lost.
They Care.
They push for meaning
Dreaming that one will come with all.

There are those in love.
The World is Haze
The sky Is cloud
The water reflective.
The Moment Kept
The reason is pure and simply lost all too soon.
How they love and always love.
And love completely.
And love is messy
Easily given with cost.
They Hope
They wait for notice.
Waiting at the phone for a chance


There are those with love.
The world is dim.
The sky is dark.
The water cold.
The moment gone.
The secret they hold and gently keep in their heart.
As they love and truly loved.
With love equally.
when love was painful
Happy, pleasant or tossed.
They Loved
They wait for return.
Standing on the edge of the world.

Some stand forever.