The Need For Hero's


One day we all grow up.

We are made that way.

We lose our ambition to touch the light around the star.

I don't make the rules.

I donít like to follow them.

Begin Again.


One day we all get old.

We are pushed to it.

We lose our tradition to watch the sky beyond our youth.

I don't form the time.

I donít like to transcend it.

Begin Again.


One day we all will die.

We are left for it.

We lose our transition to move through life outside of pain.

I don't call forth grim.

I donít like to commend him.

Begin Again.


One day we all lose hope.

We are lost from us.

We find our invention to sit like gods ruling is flawed.

I don't save the world.

I don't like to destroy it.

Begin Again.


One day we all make peace.

We are found to love.

We find our connection to a soft dream sleeping in one.

Who will save our hearts.

Who will for grace defend them.

Begin Again.


One Day,,, We Wake Up.


And Do Something About It.