There is I girl I never met before.

I would wait for her call.

I would go to her door.

But she wasn't there.

She was never there.

She never could be.

Or she never would be.

But then I would think.

If only there was a link.

So I would then return.

Only again to burn.

Hours of time.

Wasted in rhyme.

Where are you now.

All there was is wow.

And I would go to the shell of rooms.

I would wait under stars. And soon.

But I never meet her there.

Did she even care.

Rumors, lies, gossip, and sticks.

Stones were throne in politics.

And they hurt me.

Before the end of the world. Oregon Chai?

I guess not, but maybe just why?

Well you think I could learn how to tell you goodbye.

See you later, until next go round.

And again you are found.

I am going back to war.