Open Heart, Open Mind


Open heart open mind,

open up and then you'll find

Life is about the actors who cry,

Or the audience laughing, never mind.

that maybe life is about that.

Summer days, and furry cats.

Bill shakey as the story can be.

and a little house with a light by the sea.

Open up and use your sight.

forget your history and grow up right.

be the magic that the world will find.

Be the story that stands through time.

Be the noblest fair man with the whitest glove.

Return to your armor and shine like above.

clean the wounds and for god sakes remove that stain.

No more sad times or crying in the rain.

Look for land and the new white dove.

polish the past and start with new love.

One last thing before I'm gone.

and just remember.

Be the stuff, that dreams are made on.


For Erica. (Paloshaveve)