Once Again


Once again walk in the light.

Beams catch the darkness like sweetened forgettings'

You are forgiven, but not forgotten.

Never Forgiven and who are you?

Does everyone remember.

What, there is anyone left?

In our Ghost Town.

My Ghost town, where I am the ghost.

A No-one left to be the host.

And Welcome. At 1am, 2am, 3am, all night.

Twenty four hours a day.


From before stand in the dark.

Shades hide the brightness that welcomed memories.

I am forgotten and now forgiven.

Always remembered and I am you.

Then carry-on defender.

Yes, you are someone still.

Out of the "Place"

Your own "Place", Where you are a star.

An old "Place", where you are the guest.

But disperse, At 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, right now.

Any old time is past.


Once again looking for the soul mate.


An old soul., ......Once Again