History Of The Tao

(September 11, 2001)

When at first there was nothing

There is still nothing now.

The world is not a place.

There is not a noble brow.

There is all of what was left

There is none of anything more.

Almost everything left of nothing.

And it isn't down to the core.


Repeated past experiences.

And every one is new.

A constant piece of silence.

As loud as silence blew.


The world is now all shaken.

And the world is soft and firm.

The world would watch the explosion.

But there was nothing there to burn.


Just like it happened before.

It is going to happen again.

But it never really happened.

When all things meet their end.


Look around at history.

Try to remember the witches.

Where are all the memorials.

No there are only ditches.


Give another thousand years.

Give another tragic war.

There will be new non-existent tribute.

And the old ones forgotten will be no more.


But then again, they never were.

Only propaganda to rally around the time.

I'm with him, media war is building.

Participating, I am building Rhyme.