The Danger Of Love


Sure she's pretty,

Everything you want.

She hides all the bad.

All the good she flaunts.

And then she is everything.

Then she is the world.


She is a heart full.


And she is only a girl.


She wants you to love her.

She wants you to kiss.

When she runs away.


She wants you to miss.

Every moment you’re spending.

Each day that you live.

You are forever changing.

But still you will give.


Just to be near her.

A part of your life.


If your love could grow deeper.

One day a wife.


And blinking you stand there.

When truth is made clear.

She doesn't feel the same.

And you shed a tear.

Not strong enough.


Or not quite your type.


She won’t want to see you.

She won’t buy your hype.


She doesn't want flowers.

And flattery is deaf.


So your lives move away.

Like the cold morning breath.


The danger of love.


The sadness of self.


A casual misunderstanding.


A picture on a shelf.


Your history repeats.

Same faces, new town.


Communication lost.


Tragic Prince Crowns.