An Infinite Number of Nobodies


The army is coming.

The war is about to begin.

There are more of us then you realize.

A friend of a friend of a friend.


A massive force is waiting.

On the edge of nowhere at all.

They are building to wage a victory.

And can be seen before you can call.


We are the strong and the week divided.

We are the weak and the strong combined.

All of us aren't anybody.

We are all an image of mind.


Beware our demonic presence.

Beware our angelic forms.

Beware our haughty muscles.

Beware our mental scorns.


We are those that you would find humor.

We are those that you choose too mock.

Some of us you just dont realize.

There are those who just wont talk.


Pretend that your day is so normal.

And that you are better then anything else.

Put your wants in front of your dreams.

Place your kindess up on a shelf.


But eventually we are coming.

Eventually each of us will stand.

We will all be known as the meek.

In force we inherit the land.


A man that you left in your childhood.

A girl who you laughed at in school.

A boy who is always different.

A woman who is yesterdays fool.


Beware our army of nobodies.

We are infinite because we still grow.

Pray that you dont cause us to form.

Or the army of one you shall know